Pakistan body repatriation

Body repatriation in Lahore in Pakistan

Anubis works with embassy, consulate, airport... for a body repatriation in Pakistan with the cities of Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Jhang Karachi Kasur Lahore Lab Labach Labana Labana Hail Labanewala Labanewala Labar Labarkot Labat Labbuwala Labodai Banda Lachhariwala Lachhman Chautra Lachhuwala Lachi Lachi Mohana Lachigram Lachimang Lachiwala Lachman Mari Lachnahpura Lachra Lachuprai Lachuwala Ladan Ladar Larkana Maban Dheri Mabbuke Mabbuwala Mabonr Mabri Meluan Mabru Mach Mach Chat Mach Kili Machai Machai Dhanda Machal Machapura Machar Machar Beh Machar Khadi Machha Nikka Machhane Machhanianwala Machhar Machhar Khadi Machharnala Machharwala Machharwali Machhaura Machhi Mardan Multan Na Jo Na Mohra Naban Phulwali Naban Shah Nabawala Nabba Nabban Bhurgari Nabban Khan Bhurgari Nabbowala Bhanda Nabbu jo Goth Nabbuwala Nabga Nabi Nabi Bakhsh Nabi Bakhsh Chandia Nabi Bakhsh Chang Nabi Bakhsh Golo Nabi Bakhsh Jalbani Nabi Bakhsh Jamadar Nabi Bakhsh Jamali Nabi Bakhsh Jatoi Nabi Bakhsh Jilani Nabi Bakhsh Khaskheli Okara Peshawar Quetta Rahim Yar Khan Rawalpindi Sahiwal Sargodha Sheikhupura Sialkot Sukkur...

Body transfer in Karachi in Pakistan

Anubis has a contract of insurance and welfare for a body transfer in Pakistan in all regions of Bagar, Balochistan, Baltistan, Chhachh, Chicken's Neck, Chukhsa, Chumb, Derajat, Ghizer Tehsil Gojal Hazara, Pakistan Hunza Valley Ishkoman Valley Kafiristan Majha Makran Neeli Bar North Pakistan Pashtunistan Plot Pothohar Sandalbar Shagai Shimshal Shinkari Tirah Waziristan...

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Body repatriation
Body repatriation

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Pakistan body repatriation

A decease is always a tragic event, painful and difficult
to handle in some countries.

No matter the place of death,
Anubis intervenes immediately and lists all the formalities.

Body repatriation

ANUBIS appoints and coordinates the contributors
in order to realize an adapted repatriation without mishap.

Body repatriation

Anubis estimates the time frames, the costs and always
optimises your budget for the repatriation.

ANUBIS controls the realization of each step and the quality of work of each contributor. But not only this! Anubis also evaluates each quotation of each undertaker in order to obtain THE BEST PRICE.

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