Mali body repatriation

Body repatriation in Sikasso in Mali

Anubis works with embassy, consulate, airport... for a body repatriation in Mali or a rapatriement de corps Mali with the cities of Ka, Kaana, Kaana Boronkui, Kaba, Kababa, Kababougou Kabada Kabadie Kabafara Kabague Kabaïka Kabaka Ouere Kabakoro Kabala Kabalambougou Kabalambougou Ouere Kala...

Body transfer in Bamako in Mali

Anubis has a contract of a death insurance for body transfer in Mali in the cities of Kabalasso, Kabale, Kaban, Kabana, Kabandie, Kabara Kabarasso Kabarata Kabaro Kabassela Kabasso Kabate Kabaya Kabaya Kabda Soninke Kabe Kabeleya Kabeliadi Kabeo Kabida Kabio Kaboïla Kabori Kabou Kabougou Kadankara Kadey Kadial Kadiala Kadiama Kadiana Kadiandougou Kadiaoura Kadiavere Kadiel Pobi Kadigue Kadiolo Kadioloko Kadji Kadjila Kadondougou Kadoubala Kadribougoufie Kadya Kara Kafa Kafara Kafela Kaffa Kafigue Kafiguela Kafiguelani Kafila Kaflebougou Kafofoula Kafola Kafouna Kaga Kagola Kagolosso Kaguila Kagwala Kaha Kahi Kaï Kaïa Kaïbara Kaïmpo Kaïnera Kaka Kakadian Kakele Kaki-Diourou Kakiya Kako Kakobougou Kakoïna Kakole Kakoli Kakolobougou Kakondji Kakoro Kakorowere Kakoui Kakoule Kakoulou Kakouma Kakoun Kakouna...

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Body repatriation
Body repatriation

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Mali body repatriation

A decease is always a tragic event, painful and difficult
to handle in some countries.

No matter the place of death,
Anubis intervenes immediately and lists all the formalities.

Body repatriation

ANUBIS appoints and coordinates the contributors
in order to realize an adapted repatriation without mishap.

Body repatriation

Anubis estimates the time frames, the costs and always
optimises your budget for the repatriation.

ANUBIS controls the realization of each step and the quality of work of each contributor. But not only this! Anubis also evaluates each quotation of each undertaker in order to obtain THE BEST PRICE.

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