Czech Republic body repatriation

Body repatriation in Prague in Czech Republic

Anubis works with embassy, consulate, airport... for a body repatriation in Czech Republic with the cities of Drahanowitz, Drasow, Drewohostitz, Drnoholec, Drnowitz, Drosau Dub Dubitzke Dubnain Dubne Duchcov Dysina Eckersdorf Eibenschitz Eichwald Eidlitz Einsiedel Eipel Eisenberg an der March Eisenstadtl Eisenstein Eiwanowitz Elbe Kosteletz Elbeteinitz Elbogen Elhenitz Eulau Eule Fleissen Frankstadt Frauenberg Freiberg Freiheit Mahrisch Kromau...

Body transfer in Brno in Czech Republic

Anubis has a contract of a death insurance for body transfer in Czech Republic in the cities of Freistadt, Freistadtl, Freudenthal, Friedeberg, Friedek, Friedland Fritschowitz Frymburk Fryvaldov Fulnek Furstenbruck Gabl Gastorf Gaya Georgswalde Gewitsch Gitschin Gojau Goleav Jenikov Gorkau Gorna Sucha Gottwaldov Graendorf Graslitz Gratz Gratzen Graupen Gross Priesen Gross Schwadowitz Gross Senitz Gross Teinitz Gross Tschochau Gross Urhau Gross Wisternitz Gross Wosek Gross Zdikau Gross-Klecan Gross-Meseritsch Grosspopowitz Grottau Gru’gau Grulich Grusbach Gurein Haatsch Habern Habersbirk Haid Haida Haindorf Haj Halbstadt Hallenkau Hannsdorf Harrachsdorf Hartmanitz Hartowitz Haslau Havírov Havlíckuv Brod Hennersdorf Heraletz Hermanmestetz Hermannseifen Hermannshutte Hertin Hirschberg Hlinsko Hlohovec Hluck Hochpetsch Hochstadt Hodkovice Hodkovicky Hodnitz Hof Hoflein Hohenbruck Hohenmauth Holitz Holleischen Holleschau Holoubkau Hombock Honsberg Horazdowitz Horitz Horka Horomeritz Horowitz Hostau Hostavice Hosterlitz Hostialkow Hostiwitz Hostomitz Labau Lana Landshut Landskron Langentriebe Lanz Laubendorf Lautschin Lavosice Lazne Bohdanec Ledec Ledenice Lednice Leitowitz Lelekowitz Leneschitz Lesche Lesne Letnan Letonitz Lettowitz Lhota Lhota Franzowa Liban Libava Liben Liberec Libeschitz Libeznitz Libisch Libitz Libochowitz Libschitz Libuschin Lidetschko Liebenthal Lihn Lípa Lipník Lipov Lipove Lipowetz Lipuwka Lischau Lomnitz Loschitz Loucovice Louka Louny Lubenz Lucany Lucina Ludgerstal Luditz Luhatschowitz Lukavice Lukawetz Lukov Luschtenitz Luttein Luze Luzec Luzice Luzna Machau Mahrisch Aussee...

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Body repatriation
Body repatriation

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Czech Republic body repatriation

A decease is always a tragic event, painful and difficult
to handle in some countries.

No matter the place of death,
Anubis intervenes immediately and lists all the formalities.

Body repatriation

ANUBIS appoints and coordinates the contributors
in order to realize an adapted repatriation without mishap.

Body repatriation

Anubis estimates the time frames, the costs and always
optimises your budget for the repatriation.

ANUBIS controls the realization of each step and the quality of work of each contributor. But not only this! Anubis also evaluates each quotation of each undertaker in order to obtain THE BEST PRICE.

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