Albania body repatriation

Body repatriation in Durres in Albania

Anubis works with embassy, consulate, airport... for a body repatriation in Albania with the cities of Tirana, Durres, Vlore, Elbasan, Shkoder, Korce, Fier Berat Lushnje Sarande Kavaje Pogradec Gjirokaster Labinot-Fushe Labinot-Mal Labova e Madhe Labova e Siperme Lac Laces Lagej Lagjas Lagjja e Re Lagjja e Shkalles Lagjja e Siperme Lagjja e Termetit Lagjja i Vjeter Lajthize Mabe Macukull Madhesh Mafsheq Mahall’ e Dervishajt Mahall’ e Kryethuit Mahall’ e Stenit Mahall’ e Vnit Mahalla e Haxhareve Mahalla e Kolejt Mahalla e Pale Lalejt Mahalle e Mucajt Majac Majalli Majegjate Majnisht Majtare Makaj Makaj Maknor Mal i Kakariqit Mal Pjec Malagj Malagji-Kajvall Malaj Malas Mal-Gjepal Nacaj Nange Narac Narel Narte Navarice NB Muzafer Asqeri Nderfane Nderfushaz Nderlymnat Nderlysaj Ndermolles Ndernenas Ndershegas Ndershene Ndreaj Ndrejaj Ndreqi Negrov Nelegam Nemas Nenmavriq Nenshat Nenshenjt Neohor Nepravishte Neshte Oblika e Madhe Oblika e Siperme Obot Odria Odrican Ogdunan Ogren Ojmice Okol Okshatine Okshtun Okshtuni i Madh Okshtuni i Vogel Omare Opar Orcikel Orenje Oreshke Orgjost Orgocke Orikum Orizaj Orman-Pojan Orosh Orpen Orzhanove Osmanaj Osmenzeze Osnat...

Body transfer in Tirana in Albania

Anubis has a contract of insurance and welfare for a body transfer in Albania in the districts of Berat, Bulqize, Delvine, Devoll, Diber, Durres, Elbasan, Fier Gjirokaster Gramsh Has Kavaje Kolonje Korçe Kruje Kuçove Kukes Kurbin Lezhe Librazhd Lushnje Malesi e Madhe Mallakaster Mat Mirdite Peqin Permet Pogradec Puke Sarande Shkoder Skrapar Tepelene Tirana Tropoje Vlore...

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Body repatriation
Body repatriation

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Albania body repatriation

A decease is always a tragic event, painful and difficult
to handle in some countries.

No matter the place of death,
Anubis intervenes immediately and lists all the formalities.

Body repatriation

ANUBIS appoints and coordinates the contributors
in order to realize an adapted repatriation without mishap.

Body repatriation

Anubis estimates the time frames, the costs and always
optimises your budget for the repatriation.

ANUBIS controls the realization of each step and the quality of work of each contributor. But not only this! Anubis also evaluates each quotation of each undertaker in order to obtain THE BEST PRICE.

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